by Dakar

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How do you shape a king
Is it through heart break and agony
Or is it like raising him in a community
Is it a mix of the two to see what he grows up to be
Do you tell him he can be what he wants to be
Do you tell him everything is not what it seems
Do you tell him people will shut down his dream
When I moved out nobody ever told me
So was it just belief
(Dreaming till that world is all mine)
That I'll be the man I oughta' be
(Am I that man is this my world)

I'll take this world and lead it
I'm going to be king some day
I'll take in all its secrets
Nobody get in my way

I grew up and I still have my memories
Of failure, trials, and missed opportunities
Do I need them to be the man I wish to be
If everyday is a trial, am I failing
Do I have what it takes to become a king
(Can I be the king I dream of be me)
Or just be the man I oughta be
(Am I that man, Is this my world)

Why do I dream
Is it the anomaly of the future that is haunting me
Is it nightmares that forever scarred me
Was it all the people saying that I couldn't do anything
So what is a dream
Is it a revelation of the mind saying that I can do anything?
Learn from my past failures and become king
Because my dreams are something that you can't take from me
People forget that the probability of possiblities are endless
So we are infinity
I am my own worst enemy
It was never what I couldn't do
It was me believing
That I couldn't achieve what I believed in
Sweat from my fingers
Till they're raw and bleeding
From success hiding, ducking I'm seeking
To reach my goal
That's what I believe in
So how do you shape a King
How do you shape a man
How do I shape me
What is shaping
Was it like Simba when his father was still king
Or was it just me facing these enemies
But I swear
That I'll never go in to a battle lost and unprepared
I swear that I fight for everything that I hold near and dear
Because everything I ever wanted is right here


released May 26, 2013
Recorded at The Blasting Room
Engineered and Mixed by Andrew Berlin
Mastered by Jason Livermore
Art by Haley Miller



all rights reserved


Dakar Denver, Colorado

A little bit of the best, all mixed together.

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